Welcome to SimplyHealed™. If you've been looking for a energy healing method that is gentle and non-invasive yet powerful enough to boost your health and financial well-being, increase your confidence and improve your relationship — you've finally found it.

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Jenny's private or Group Energy Healing Sessions tune up ALL of your energy systems, clearing out the lower vibrational energies and replacing them with higher-level vibrations that allow you to bring more love, joy and passion into your life.



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Are you a healer ready to add a powerful new modality to your process? Or maybe you've been on your own healing journey and want to explore the possibility of becoming a healing professional?


I have been certified as an energy healer in The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed™ Method to train others in Australia. It's very important that I provide simple, straight-forward information — minus the mysticism — so you can help others.With the Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed™ Method Energy Healing Basics Clean & Simple as well as my Intensive Training, I can guide you to begin or build your healing practice.



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Jenny offers inspiring and informative keynote and workshop presentations to entrepreneurial, wellness, and women's organizations. 

ENERGY HEALING: The healing of the future here today




What is your background? How did you prepare for this work?

I grew up in the 1960′s and 70′s with a father who taught me that our bodies all have a perfect blueprint for health and that our thoughts have a direct influence on the health of our bodies. I have fond memories of being at the family dinner table with Dad, a Chiropractor by profession, telling us about different patients he had helped. Without revealing names or other confidential information about the patient, he would simply relate to us what their ailment was and how much better their body was functioning after getting it aligned. This was never done in the spirit of boasting, as my father was very humble about his gifts. Yet his amazement at the body’s capacity to heal and his pure joy at being able to help facilitate that healing was what really sparked my interest in natural healing at a young age.

Who was your inspiration?

I loved  listening to my dad’s tape sets of Napoleon Hill, Foster Hibbard, Zig Ziglar, Dennis Waitley, Bob Proctor, and many others because these guys were so upbeat and vibrant.  I was drawn to that high vibration, their words and their energy resonated with me.  They taught about positive mental attitude and how that affects everything in your life.  I knew early on that I wanted to be a teacher of similar things and to help others.

My paternal grandparents were also a great inspiration to me.  I remember spending time at their vitamin store and listening to Grandpa tell inspiring stories of working for Dale Carnegie.

And of course, I have read my share of self help books over the years, learning a little here and a little there each piece filling in the puzzle.

Today, I find inspiration in anyone who lives true to themselves, has courage and integrity. I am inspired by so many of my clients who have gone through, or are going through  challenges but face them with hope and strength, and still find joy in the journey.

Have you always been on this path?

Yes, although I’m sure at times I didn’t recognize it  As an adolescent I had a board that covered half a wall in my bedroom where I posted brightly colored pieces of paper on which I had written any good thought, quote, or saying that I had heard or read. It lifted my spirit to read my board. It was something I just intuitively knew was good for me–I’m not sure I even realized at that time the power of those positive affirmations.

I know God teaches us little by little so we can absorb it. Like everyone, my life has had ups and downs, and I am grateful for the lessons learned on both sides. I often hear stories about “wounded healers.” Many people now working in this field have had tragic experiences or health problems that have given them courage, strength and a knowledge of how to overcome difficulties. This prepares them for their work in helping others through rough times.

As far as being prepared to do this work, no I do not have a “tale of woe”, but shifting my energy has had a tremendous positive effect in all areas of my life.  Small things like being able to speak up in a class without my face going red, believing that I am “good enough” to receive good abundance, being able to allow others to help me, letting go of the need to compare myself to others, the list goes on…We all have these seemingly small stumbling blocks in our lives, but for me, letting go of the emotions that triggered these limiting beliefs has made a world of difference!

That’s the beauty of energy work, it meets you where you are.  Whether you’ve struggled with a heavy load most of your life, or if you’ve been blessed with a seemingly easier path but just want to release a few triggers, energy healing gets to the root of the low-vibrating emotions quickly and easily.

I know I had the perfect childhood to teach and prepare me. I had positive ways of thinking available to me from people I dearly love. The best compliment I now receive is when someone who knew my dad tells me that I am doing well to carry on my father’s legacy of helping others heal.

How did you get started?

As the ancient saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” When I was ready, I met Jennie Childs, who is the creator of an amazing healing modality called Wings of Excellence. I learned the simple techniques, and before I knew it I was working on friends and family with remarkable results. I have since studied and learned many other incredible things about how the Energy Field works, all the while increasing my intuitive skills. I now have many local clients, and since energy is free flowing, long distance poses no problems at all, I have telephone clients all across the country and in many other countries.

Other noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Energy Healing Specialist at the world famous Red Mountain Spa from 2004 – 2009
  • Tai Chi Instructor at Red Mountain Spa 1996 – 2009
  • CEO of Tai Chi Flow, Inc. and creator of the Tai Chi series:  Tai Chi Flow for Every Body  •  Tai Chi Flow for Pregnancy  •  Tai Chi Flow for Kids –  Available on DVD at the Tai Chi Flow website at www.taichiflow.com
  • Professional speaker
  • Co-author of 101 Great Ways to Improve your Health
  • Fitness Professional certified through ACE 1988 – 2008
  • Aquatic exercise instructor for 18 years at Dixie State College
  • Completed the Catalina Triathlon twice
  • Host of "The Living in the Flow Show” on the Women’s Information Network
  • and best of all: married for 29 years, mother of five kids!